What's New in AutoFocus

Version 8 Release 271G

AutoFocus Version 8 continues NewEra Software's trend of releasing innovative and cost-effective Auto Body Shop Management software.

What's New in 271G Rev. 083112

  • Parts Management - Improvements to the save and close process which reduces the time to save to near real time.
  • Reports - Continue to migrate all of our reports into our new reporting tool, we have included a few key reports into this release.
  • Security - Improvements to Security to prevent unauthorized grid modifications.
  • Bugs - Fixes for items reported by customers as hindering.
  • Notes - Revamped to allow for security of individual notes on a user level.

What's New in 271G Rev. 060111

  • Parts Management - user can clean the preferred vendor list to clear up issues with duplicate, missing, or mismatched prefeffed vendor records.
  • Work Order Reports - Bear River Payment Authorization Request - updated to fill in the claim number, date of printing, and customer name on the form.
  • Resolved Issues

What's New in 271G Rev. 041811

  • Added 'Bomgar' button to make connecting to NewEra Software support easier.

What's New in 271G Rev. 032511

  • Regional date ranges are being implemented for countries other than US.
  • Added suplement tracking to Completed Work grids.
  • Added reports in System Reports - Receivable Reports - Payment Received by Date, Type, and Type with Sales Tax.

What's New in 271G Rev. 011311

  • Help - Enhanced Help links created.
  • Reports - Invoice Cost Analysis - report now records costs even when no income is listed.

What's New in 271G Rev. 042210

  • Reports - Repair Check List that can be printed either blank or with work order information.
  • Reports - Allstate Insurance Check In - report that includes an "Authorization for Repairs" section that will print both blank and work order information included.

What's New in 271F Rev. 031710

  • System Reports - Receivable Reports - Payment By Type with Sales Tax - A report that shows the payments for work orders with the sales tax charged for the payment.
  • System Reports - Parts - Parts Labels - Vendor Invoice number added to parts list to help in printing parts labels for invoice number.
  • Parts Management - Returns - Parts can be deleted by selecting from the list and clicking 'Delete' button.
  • System Reports - WIP - Added vehicle color to end of vehicle description.

What's New In 271E Rev. 030210

  • Parts Management - Purchase Orders & Invoices - Add vendor using either a 'Quick Add' or 'Add Vendor'.

What's New In 271E Rev. 121709

  • Letters & Labels - Print button added.
  • Setup - AutoComplete/AutoSave - "Returned Parts" - Added to give ability for user defined part return reasons.

What's New In 271E Rev. 081109

  • System Reports - Job Track - Added Work Order Efficiency by Service Writer.
  • System Reports - Job Track - Added Work Order Efficiency by BL Tech.
  • System Reports - Job Track - Added Work Order Efficiency by RL Tech.
  • System Reports - POs & Invoices - Added Vendor Invoices with Profit Percentage.
  • Pending Work - Not Authorized grid - Added 'Sched. In' to the columns.
  • Company logo graphic can be printed on customer invoices. (Contact NewEra Software for details)

What's New In 271E Rev. 050409

  • System Reports & Work Order Reports - Pre-Repair Inspection Work Sheet.
  • Setup - Company Info - "Lock billed invoices" - Improved Security - Now Requires Password to Change Date.
  • Receivable and Historical Receivable Reports now have the option to print the claim number under the insurance company name.
  • Include Insurance Claim Number on Receivable and Historical Receivable Reports.
  • "Export Vendor Bills as Items" to Quickbooks®.
  • Hovering over VIN or VIN text field will display the last eight (8) characters of the VIN code.
  • Paint and Tint Code added to Repair Worksheet under "Service Item".
  • Individual Work Order Locking with Password. (CTRL-U to unlock)
  • Start position of cursor in work order notes can be set to the beginning or end of current notes.
  • Erie Insurance Group Authorization for Payment form.
  • Work Order Load Factors added to estimate importing.

What's New In 271D

  • EMS Importing no longer overwrites work order fields with blank information.
  • Dashboard to show key indicators for Production, Sales, and Closing Ratios. (Security Enabled)
  • Export to Quickbooks® using vendor grouping and check box selection to keep this feature enabled.
  • Import 'Dimishing Deductibles' from estimate files.
  • 'Part Type' can now be used in Import Translation.
  • Technician Vacations and Holidays Can Be Set from File->Setup->Scheduling->Vacation to Adjust Max Load Body and Paint Hours on Scheduler Load Bar Display.
  • Connect to On-Line Help for AutoFocus.
  • Line Item Notes Can Be Added That Print on the Work Order Repair Work Sheet.
    Technical Assistance May Be Required for Customers With Current 271 Versions.
  • Import Mitchell Quantity Discounts for Parts Greater Than One.
  • Quality Control Form Added to Work Order Reports.

What's New In 271C

  • Car Tag Now Includes Service Item, Arrived or Scheduled In Date, Body and Paint Tech. Names, Mechanical, and Key Tag in lower right corner of form.
  • Webview Customer and Insurance Note Editing Accesible from Work Order or Right Click on Grid Item.
  • Report for Completed Sales Profitability Costs Added in System Reports->Financial.
  • Grid Symbol Column Names Will Update After Clicking Update Selected View from Main View Menu.

What's New In 271B

  • Repaired Tax Issue When Creating New Work Order.
  • Repaired Notes Issue that Copied Notes from Prior Work Order onto New Work Order.
  • Repaired Repair Authorization Form.

What's New In 271A

  • Emailing Purchase Orders Now Works with Any Email Provider.
  • Repaired Work Order So Duplicate Work Order Numbers Cannot be Entered and Saved.
  • Setting to Prevent a Work Order from Closing if the Labor is Not Fully Aallocated. (Default Off)
    (Located in File->Setup->Company Information)

What's New In 271

  • Colored Symbols to Monitor Production Delays, Sublets, and Assignments.
    (May Need to Remove Previously Saved Grid Views to Add Symbols)
  • Sales Ratio Calculation from Main Menu.
    (Batting Average)
  • Work Order Locking to Prevent Over Writing of Data.
    (Accessed from Setup->Company Information)
  • Added "Export Work Order Category As Class" to General Ledger setup for Quickbooks® functionality.
  • Added "Class" to General Ledger setup for Quickbooks® functionality.
  • Added "Part Type" field to the Work Order Line Items grid.
  • Start Microsoft Windows® NetMeeting from AutoFocus toolbar.
  • Export work order information to BASF SmartTrak.
  • Import Quickbooks vendors into vendor profiles.
    (Quickbooks must be running as Administrator to import vendor information)
  • Load Based Scheduling using work flow methodology. Setup for work days in a week, body hours, paint hours, cars per day, and job flow hours per day.
  • Weekly load bar indicators on Scheduler.
  • Scheduler load bar threshold setting. Used to set the walk-in and/or tow-in job thresholds region (Blue/Green).
  • Recommended Scheduled In and Calculated Scheduled Out Date options from Scheduler setup.
  • Selection to close work orders with Tax and Other Adjustments pending. Tax and Other Adjustment limit settings for closing work orders with these adjustments pending.
  • Job Type field added to work order grid and scheduler.
    (Must remove previously saved grid views to add Job Type field to view.
    Add Job Types from the Setup - Auto Complete/Auto Save screen)
  • Archive to reduce database size, and improve speed of work order retrieval.
  • Upload EMS files from the import screen to NewEra Software Technical Support.
  • Print Employee Time Worksheets without Social Security Numbers.
  • Add, Edit, and Delete Payment Methods from the
    Setup - Auto Complete/Auto Save screen.
  • Repair Work Sheets can be printed without totals.
  • Support for three different label printer manufacturers - Dymo, Brother, and Zebra.
  • Print parts return credit slips for multiple vendors from the "Parts Management" main menu.
  • Print Grid Views from the Profile selections.
  • Print Employee Time Worksheets without Service Items.
  • Imporved Import management.
  • Improved Vendor Invoices report in System Reports.
  • Select Combined Totals to print on an Invoice form.
  • Allowed to open a work order from Labor Costing work orders.
  • Improved Backup and Restore operations.
  • Unrecognized imported line items can be matched to existing work order line items.
  • Employees can be paid by percentage of job labor rate.
  • Repair Worksheet includes Technician's name.
  • Imported translations can be limited to specific codes.
  • Import translation compares operation as well as description.
  • Save your list of imported translations to a file, so that they can easily be moved to another shop.
  • Import custom labor codes defined in your estimating system.
  • "Work in Progress by Tech" report includes hours available.
  • "Labor Time Summary" report has been enhanced to include GL Code breakouts, and an efficiency scale for commision-based shops.
  • Mark returns as Not Received
  • Other Costs and Unattached Invoice lines are now displayed on the "Parts Variance" report.
  • Option to Hide Dollar Amounts in the "Work Scheduled In by Day" report.

What's New In Version 8

Version 8 integrates the award-winning Microsoft SQL Server database engine with NewEra Software's AutoFocus Collision Management system. Resulting in our fastest and most reliable collision management system ever.

In addition to our performance enhancements AutoFocus Version 8 includes

  • New Assignment Functionality
  • Enhanced QuickBooks Interoperability
  • Improved JobTrack Module

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